About Ninja-IDE

Why are we doing NINJA-IDE?

NINJA-IDE started as a project focused at providing an IDE specially designed for Python Applications Development, with this scope in mind, we put our ninja-skills into the development of a free and open source project which grows based on the community's necessities.

Basically we want to explore and find new features that would improve the performance of any Python Developer, always maintaining NINJA-IDE fast and lightweight for anyone to use it, and compete with the current commercial IDEs out there, and when we say "compete" we mean: to demonstrate that you can have a beautiful application with the most popular features, plus the ones that the ninja-team researches and implements, without the need to pay for any license or use a product where you can't play with the source code.

How it was born

Buy a beer/coffee to any (or the whole bunch of!) us and we'll be glad to tell the story :)

And if you don't wanna hear it, assure yourself of we keeping the secret by donating 10 million dollars.

About us

These are the ninjas that work on Ninja IDE.

Don't judge them by their faces, always remember they can beat you up with a 256mb pendrive if they want to.

  • Gabriel Acosta

    Gabriel Acosta #gabo

    Computer Engineering student, passionate about the Python programming language and everything about the Cosmos.

  • Diego Sarmentero

    Diego Sarmentero #gatox

    Software Freedom Lover, enjoy programming in several languages, and share all the things I've learn with the community. Qt Ambassador since 2011, Computer Geek by nature... Human Being??.

  • Jose Cortes

    Horacio DurĂ¡n #perrito666

    I use ninja even for the grocery list, python fanboy by nature, floss supporter for life and machinalico until death.

  • Pedro Mourelle

    Pedro Mourelle #pmourelle

    Logo and Website designer. Running his own empire at PmDesign, a tough Computer Analist that discovered the dark arts of design weapons. His alchemy assembles design and django in ways you could not even imagine. You better watch out.

Chat with us!

You can join us at #ninja-ide channel at Freenode, in order to ask questions, participate in the development's debates, or just talk with another ninjas.

Little FAQ for ninjas to-be

More Ninjas

Ninja-IDE couldn't be kicking asses without the help of this amazing ninjas.

  • Angel Velasquez

    Arch Packager.

  • Juan Manuel Garcia

    Windows Packager.

  • Ezequiel Cardinali

    Fedora Packager.

  • David Corticchiato

    MacOS Packager.


Let's get serious for 10 seconds.

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